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I am Dmytro Nedria.


My passion for photography came from my father, who filled our house with books on photography and art.


The first higher education that I’ve got was English and Italian philology. Still, my passion for the visual arts took over it, and it found a way out in my first professional job - shooting extreme sports events for Red Bull. Feeling the need for proper film education, I joined the Global Cinematography Institute in the Los Angeles. This period gave a new creative impulse to my career and understanding of the profession. Since then, full-length films in various genres have appeared in my filmography, released in Ukraine and worldwide. Being fully dedicated to my work, In between shooting films, I also shoot commercials. I am used to approach with maximum of professionalism even to ones that seemed to be easy on the first sight.




I believe that each story requires different style and approach. I like to develop ideas with the director and production designer, finding the perfect visual interpretation of each concept and leaving some space for improvisation and actor performance. My approach is to build a symbiosis of camera movement with the action, space, and rhythm. I genuinely believe that the cinematographer should operate the camera by himself, using all kinds of equipment from handheld to remote heads using wheels.

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