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His love for photography was deeply influenced by his father, who surrounded their home with books on photography and art.

After completing his higher education in English and Italian philology, his passion for the visual arts propelled him towards a career in cinematography. Starting with capturing extreme sports events for Red Bull, he gained invaluable experience and a burning desire to further his film education.

His journey led him to join the prestigious Global Cinematography Institute in Los Angeles, where he honed his technical skills and developed a profound understanding of the art of cinematography. Since then, he has worked on diverse full-length films released both in Ukraine and internationally, showcasing his versatility. Alongside his film work, he has also successfully captured the essence of various commercials, approaching each project with unwavering professionalism and meticulous attention to detail.

He firmly believes that every story demands a distinctive style and approach. Collaborating closely with directors and production designers, he strives to find the perfect visual interpretation for each concept. He recognizes the profound impact of camera movement, the interplay between action and space, and the rhythm of storytelling. Utilizing a range of equipment, from handheld to remote heads, he ensures utmost control and creativity in capturing compelling visuals.

His collaboration with the colourist commences even before the shooting begins, as they engage in extensive discussions with the director to determine the desired visual tone and overall feel of the film. Understanding the significance of a trusted visual partner, he values their contribution beyond colour grading, working together to enhance subtle details and harmonize the film's colour palette with the intended storytelling.

He believes that colour is not the sole determinant by which an audience judges a film. Instead, it serves as a vital component that weaves into the overall experience, helping to construct the immersive world depicted on screen. Recognizing the impact of the wrong colour choice on audience engagement, he endeavours to create a seamless blend of colours and other creative elements, delivering a cohesive and impactful experience.

Approaching each project with the mindset of a filmmaker rather than solely a cinematographer, he collaborates with directors to develop a unique visual language tailored to each story. He believes that one of the most remarkable powers of cinema lies in its ability to generate empathy and enable viewers to perceive the world from different perspectives. It is this profound understanding that drives him to convey stories and evoke emotions through the art of visual storytelling.

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